Fellow Republicans,

I hope that you had a festive and relaxing Independence Day with your family and neighbors. Every 4th of July, I’m reminded of the sacrifices our forefathers made to ensure our freedom. They inspire me to serve my community, and what led me to run for the Wayne State University Board of Governors.

As a former student and faculty member at Wayne State University, I have an excellent perspective of how university policies can impact individuals sitting on either side of the desk. I believe that knowledge is a tremendous asset in order to rebuild our university and deliver:

  • A more streamlined budget that will help students and faculty members reach more of their goals.
  • Stronger math, science and civics requirements so that all of our graduates will be prepared to be scientists, doctors, engineers, teachers and responsible, well-rounded citizens.
  • An environment that’s free from harassment and bullying, regardless of belief, creed or political stance.
  • Higher student retention from enrollment to graduation by offering more tuition solutions.

With your vote, I will be a conservative, positive and responsible voice for Wayne State University, bringing our values to the Wayne State Board of Governors. In order to do this, I need your help.

Will you endorse me today and help me bring our shared view to the Board? I know that if we all work together, we can have a big win for Republicans and for Conservatives in November, allowing our future graduates to find their freedom, create their destinies and follow their dreams. Will you join me in this fight?

With Best Regards,

Dr. Kim Shmina